Transparent Touchscreens

Iron Man. Minority Report. CSI.
Hollywood magic is finally reality! We focus solely on transparent touchscreen technology.


Projector-based solutions are so 20th century! We only use transparent LCD/LED displays with IPS for crisp, reliable, and long-lasting perfection.


We use the most advanced multi-touch solutions on the planet. Up to 90 touch points on a single display!

Made in America

Veteran owned, American made. Product design, engineering, and assembly occur in the USA. It’s like baseball and hotdogs.

Custom Solutions:

Taptl specializes in the production of large-scale interactive glass surfaces. Whether it involves replacing windows with transparent touchscreen displays or engineering a 26′ glass interactive wall – it’s all in a day’s work. We also produce individual transparent touchscreens ranging from 5″ all the way up to 84″. Taptl is the first company in the world to offer transparent LCD technology to consumers. Likewise, we were the first company to sell a transparent LCD on Amazon! In a nutshell – we know our stuff.

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Taptl Ltd
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