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Any size. Any shape. Anywhere.

No Projectors

The typical "pseudo-transparent" display consists of using a projector and rear-projection film applied to a window. Sunlight, humidity, and a number of other factors make this technology dated and unreliable. Your brand deserves better.

Remote Management

Our cloud-based software platform ensures that you have full management capability over your displays, no matter how far away you are. Whether you have 1 display or 10,000 displays - you're only a click away from managing them all!

Top-Notch Quality

Taptl has spent the past SIX years perfecting this technology. We know what works and what doesn't. Your brand deserves perfection - and we are the only company in the world to offer this level of sophistication.

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Since every product and project is different, we ask that you contact us for further information. We have the capability to build commercial coolers, bar-top coolers, entire window-pane replacements (where we take a pre-existing window and integrate our technology into the window), and many other fascinating methods!

Don't let Iron Man and Minority Report steal the spotlight. Get your own transparent display!



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